Selling Electronic Products?
Use Felix Chatbot!

Customers are overwhelmed by complicated technical parameters and can' make a decision,and live chat support is the solution, but it is too costly and difficult to manage well.
Felix is the solution!
Felix Chatbot is the sales expert who will help customers choose the right tech product for their exact needs, increasing your conversion rate!
Felix Chatbot is your all-rounded customer assistant that server your customers 24/7, your customers' problems are solved instantly, increasing your customers' satisfaction!

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FELIX Features
Expert Sales Agent

Instead of customers browsing through the products themselves, Felix Chatbot asks customers nontechnical questions to understand their needs and give them suggestions on the right product that best suit their needs within their budgets.

With Felix as an expert sales agent, you can increase your conversion rate instantly.

All-rounded Customer Assistant

Instead of customers have to search for and read your FAQ or terms to know your latest promotions or returns policies, customers can just ask Felix, and he will give answers to your customers instantly.

With Felix as a 24/7 customer assistant, you can improve your customer satisfaction.

Human Communication Management

Whenever Felix notices that the customers’ questions are better to be solved by a human, he will compose an email with relevant information and send to relevant team, so you will have control of everything.

With Felix, you can be sure that your customers are taken care of.

Instant Multichannel Sales

Felix resides on popular messaging platforms: Facebook, Telegram, SMS etc, so customers can ask Felix in any messaging platform, and Felix will help them select the most optimal-ft products for them.

With Felix, your customers can shop anywhere any time, increasing your sales.

Order Management Assistant

Whenever customers want to make changes to their orders, they can easily message Felix, and with a few questions, Felix helps you assess the situation and process the orders accordingly.

With Felix, your customers’ needs will be met all the time, cultivating loyal customers.

Effective Multichannel Communication

Whenever customers have questions about their delivery or any updates of any order that they made, they can easily ask Felix on any messaging platforms to get the answer instantly.

With Felix, your customers’ problems are solved instantly, improving your customers' satisfaction.

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  • Automated Customer Assistant
  • Custom Branding
  • Expert Sales Agent
  • Website + Messenger Chatbot
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  • With All Standard Plan Features
  • Human Communication Management
  • All-rounded Customer Assistant
  • Instant Multichannel Sales
From £500 / month

+ one time customization fee starting from £1500

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  • With All Advanced Plan Features
  • Order Management Assistant
  • Effective Multichannel Communication
  • Customized Procedure Design
From £900 / month

+ one time customization fee starting from £3000

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About us

Felix Chatbot is the automated customer service solution for online retailer to serve your customers 24/7 cost-effectively.

Felix Chatbot is not only an automated customer assistant that helps you solve customers’ problems instantly, but Felix Chatbot is also a product expert that help your customers select the right products for their needs, especially for electronic products whose technical specifications can be daunting for your customers.

Felix is one of the bot applications from AISSA-Artificial Intelligence Specialist and Shopping Assistant ( AISSA is built by a team of PhD experts in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Data Science, Senior Software Developers, Web Developers, Software Development with Information Technology Operations (DevOps), Product Manager, Conversation Designer, Chatbot Developer and more.

Our Mission: We are committed to helping online retailers serve your customers 24/7 cost-effectively, increasing your conversion rate and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision: We are devoted to redefining the virtual customer service solution, not just automation, but to empower online retiailers and put customers’ needs at the center, improving the mutual benefits.


Felix chatbot is trained on the electronics product knowledge, so it can help customers find out what are the suitable product technical specifications.

In order for Felix to find the most optimally-fit product for the customers from your shop, we need to integrate your product feed (tech specification, available stock, price, image etc).

In order for Felix to answer customers’ questions specific to your shop, we need to train Felix on your FAQ and other information specific to your shop.


Felix chatbot is designed to be a white label product, which means that when we integrate Felix chatbot to your website or your messenger platform, the name and the profile picture can be changed to your brand name or whatever name you would like to give to your chatbot on your site.


Yes, currently we are focusing on electronics product, but we will continue expanding our offering to other products, so please subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when we have a new offering!


Yes, we are following agile development methodology, therefore, we are always continuously improving our offering. For those who signup to be Beta clients, we offer a significant discount and extra integration/customization, so please contact us to get more information!

Technologies Behind Alyx Chatbot
Detecting your needs with NLP

Through conversation, Alyx is able to analyse your needs and quantifies the degree of relevance of the particular technical parameters to you using weights estimated from replies, matching your requirements to technical parameters. Alyx is able to ask you non-technical questions about your preferred computer usage scenarios, and judge what technical parameters your need.

Omichannel dynamic filtering

Alyx integrates real-time product feeds from different providers with detailed product technical specification. Alyx applies novel approaches to estimation of filters to narrow down the selection list. So Alyx could find products optimally-fit your exact needs and offer price comparison from multiple shops.

Machine learning based review summarization

Built through advanced novel NLP models and trained with product reviews, comparisons and technical specifications, Alyx can give you rounded product information based on your queries. Alyx can generate a short and informative summary about a review of a particular component of a product in question, and provide information about pros and cons of a product.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence

Alyx chatbot uses machine learning to train natural language processing (NLP) models, while using DialogFlow to detect intents, entities and contexts, and ElasticSearch service for product review processing. Alyx is currently released in ActiveChat platform in NodeJS, and uses NodeJS and Python based APIs for data processing and decision making.

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